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This FREE course will enable you to improve the climate of your classroom (and school) by aligning the situation you co-create with  your students (or faculty and staff) to the needs of everyone in it. 

Here are the six common myths about motivation that this course debunks:

  • ´╗┐Myth #1- Students lack motivation
  • Myth #2- With enough charisma you can jump start your unmotivated students
  • Myth #3- Tapping into students'  intrinsic motivations can overcome all their learning challenges
  • Myth #4- Rewards and punishments are terrific motivators
  • Myth #5- Rewards and punishments undermine effective learning
  • Myth #6- Motivation is an unconscious mental process beyond influence

There are lots of myths about motivation, but I suspect that these six are common or else  important ones for teachers to have busted. 

Even if you haven't fallen for these myths, you might benefit from having your understanding of the science of motivation updated. 

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Motivation Myth-Busting 3-Part Course

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